Dear Ashley A father's reflections and letters to his daughter on life, love and hope. Events wholly beyond our control can sometimes present seemingly insurmountable obstacles to our ability to move forward. We become stuck, paralyzed by fear and uncertainty. Several years ago, one of those events drove my daughter to death's doorstep. In he midst of her suffering, however, and largely as a result of her courage, I came to realize that such events provide opportunities for growth - that if we are willing to take a step back and reflect on the matters of the heart that surround those events, they can lead to a deeper understanding of ourselves and those we love. Dear Ashley is a collection of those reflections and the intimate father/daughter letters used to convey them—shared in the hope that the unique perspective they offer will provide guidance, understanding and healing when life's challenges come knocking on your door.
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Dear Ashley is a beautiful, refreshing, and inspiring message that can readily be applied to any loving relationship towards living a life with a positive attitude, courage, integrity, and love." Dr. Michael Berrett, CEO, Executive Director, and Co-founder of the Center for Change"
The Author
I am a 54-year-old trial attorney, who lives and works in South Florida. At various times, however, I’ve worn a number of other hats. I’ve been a husband (for the past 32 years), a brother, a son, a poet, a writer, the editor of a creative writing publication, a public speaker, a youth league ...